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What investment options are right for me?

There are so many different investment options available to individual investors it has never been so difficult to understand what investment is most suitable to your circumstances. We can help you understand your investments and provide reliable advice and create a plan with you to manage your expected returns over a given time period and ensure your investments remain suitable

Property or Government Bonds? National Savings or ISA’s? UK or Emerging Markets?

We consider all available investment options available including ISA’s, Pensions, Unit Trusts, Investment Trusts and Investment Bonds. All investment types have their own pros and cons for investors including different tax treatment, investment risk and expected returns. We can help you understand what is right for you.

How can we help with your investment options?

Tell us about your investments and we will provide you with an initial review of your current portfolio. We will structure your plans so that they meet your requirements. For our clients we recommend reliable investments from leading fund managers with fair and transparent charges.

Our Investment Beliefs

  1. We do not believe in watching markets in the short term and will not advise you to change or switch your investment holdings on a regular basis
  2. We will not subject your investments to excessive risk
  3. We will manage investment risk and provide good diversification to your investments – we will not put all your eggs into one basket!
  4. We will keep it simple

Investment guide

Our investment guide will help you understand the options available and show how we can work together to provide peace of mind that your investment is taking the correct risk approach and remains tax efficient for you – this will be available on the website soon.

The Process

Our robust pension review service will give you peace of mind and help you understand your pension provision:

  • Stage 1

    We will write to your existing pension providers and obtain all information on your existing pension contracts.

  • Stage 2

    You will receive a written review of your plans detailing the investment performance, the options available on the plan and details of the charges you are currently paying. We will recommend any changes required to your pension provision to ensure a cohesive investment strategy and ensure fair charges. Once agreed, we will implement any changes

  • Stage 3

    We will monitor your pension and work with you to ensure your pension remains on target to meet your plans and expectations going forward.

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