Getting A Better Return From ISA’s (or NISA’s)

I’ve been helping a number of clients recently who have held cash ISA’s (now often known as NISA’s) for a number of years and they intend to use these as long term savings plans, and possibly take an income in future.

Cash investments can hold an important role in a well diversified investment portfolio however holding cash in the long term presents a number or risks such as inflation risk. If inflation is more than the return on a cash investment you are making a loss in real terms (what you can buy with a £1 now may not buy the same goods in five year’s time) so holding cash long term can give a high chance of a real loss.

For ISA only investment work, we now offer a no-initial fee service which includes a risk assessment and a written recommendation on a suitable ISA portfolio to meet your needs.

To discuss your own investment portfolio or your ISA holdings please contact Stephen Groves on 0113 436 0110.