Flexible access to your pension pot from April 2015

Recent legislative changes designed to introduce “Freedom and Choice in Pensions” will take effect on 6th April 2015. Individuals will have a choice to be able to take whatever income they choose from their pension pot once they are over age 55.

This provides greater flexibility than ever before in pensions, however good planning is required to ensure the income you take from your plan is tax efficient and that investment risk is managed properly.

We welcome these changes and have started working with our clients to ensure they can benefit fully from the changes and use the allowances to be able to enjoy their lifestyle as they want.

For a limited period we are offering a free initial review of your pensions and providing information on how the new rules will effect you. For an initial no cost meeting please contact us on 0113 436 0110 or email us at info@integralfp.co.uk