• How many pensions can I have?

    How many pensions can I have?

    Supporting your future financial requirements You can pay into as many pension schemes as you want; it depends on how much money you can set aside. There are several different types of private pension to choose from, but in light of recent government changes the tax aspects can require careful planning. So what do you […]

  • changes to the tax year 2018/19?

    What are the changes to the tax year 2018/19?

    So, what are the changes to the tax year? It’s important to consider the tax implications of making financial decisions. The 2018/19 tax year is now upon us and a raft of new changes have come into force. The good news is that there is little change in the overall tax burden for basic-rate taxpayers. […]

  • Access My Pension

    When and how can I access my pension pot?

    Deciding what to do with pension savings – even if you’re still working. How can I access my pension pot? It might seem like a far-off prospect, but knowing how you can access your pension pot can help you understand how best to build for the future you want when you retire. On 6 April […]

  • Protecting your estate

    How do I ensure my estate is protected for my children?

    Protecting your estate If you struggle to navigate the UK’s inheritance tax regime, you are not alone. Whether you are setting up your estate planning or sorting out the estate of a departed family member, the system can be hard to follow. Getting your planning wrong could also mean your family is faced with an […]

  • Dead flowers

    What happens to my pension if I die?

    Nobody likes to think about death, but when it comes to financial matters and taking care of your family, it’s worth considering what will happen if you pass away unexpectedly. With the new pension freedoms introduced in 2015, there are more options available and more variables to consider, if we want to make sure that […]

  • Top performing funds

    Top performing funds for 2017 (so far)

    If you’re thinking of investing your pension pot or other savings into high-performance funds, it helps to understand exactly what’s happening in the financial markets today. No doubt you’re looking for something you can buy and hold for the long run, and preferably leave well alone until your investment matures in 5, 10 or 15 […]

  • Retirement

    Planning to retire early? You’re probably not saving enough

    Early retirement may look very appealing, particularly since the recent pulling forward of the rise in state pension age, but are you really doing enough to make it happen? Insurance company Prudential says you almost certainly aren’t. In their Intergenerational Retirement Study report, Prudential found that most workers in the UK hope to retire well […]

  • Piggy bank

    Millions to lose out as state pension age increases

    The government has recently announced that the state pension age will be increasing to 68 seven years earlier than planned. For people born after 1978, their state pension was always going to have to wait until this age, but for around seven million people who were born between 1970 and 1978, this deadline shift has […]

  • Pensions Fraud

    Government urged to crack down on pensions fraud

    Cold calling can be nuisance, it can be irritating and it for some of us it can be scary. For the most part, calls are genuine, made from genuine companies looking to sell you genuine products. However, every now and then you might receive a cold call that just doesn’t sound quite right. According to […]

  • Crackdown on pension consultants

    Crackdown on pension consultants means no more nonsense

    Consultants who advise pensions plans on where to invest trillions of pounds of scheme money are on the verge of a massive change, following a recent investigation by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The investigation, a study of the asset management market, raised concerns within the FCA that competition was not working as it should. […]

  • Safe

    £1m pensions feared to be locked away: Are you protecting yours?

    Around £1m of pensions funds are feared to have been locked away, by a scheme that is refusing to allow customers aces to their money. The company, Fast Pensions, has had 18 complaints upheld against them over the past two years by the Pension Ombudsman, following a spate of customers reporting missing statements and non-communication […]