• retirement savings

    How to decide what to do with your retirement savings

    Increasingly, more and more pensioners are keeping much of their pension invested after they retire. This means they’re faced with two very different risks when deciding what to do with their savings in retirement in a world of ‘pension freedoms’. Since April 2015, people who reach retirement have had much greater flexibility over how they […]

  • Plan your financial goals

    How to plan for your financial goals

    If you do not know where you are going, how will you know when you get there? This is very true about financial goals. You need to set financial goals to help you make wise financial decisions, and also as a reward for your efforts. Goals should be clear, concise, detailed and written down. Unwritten […]

  • Preparing for retirement emotionally

    Preparing for retirement emotionally

    Pensioners are embracing the benefits of retirement and new-found time Retirement has meant a new lease of life for millions of people who have given up work in the last ten years, with more than one in four retirees saying they are fitter and healthier since they stopped working. Far from winding down, nearly half […]

  • What’s the best way to use your pension?

    What’s the best way to use your pension?

    Working out the best way to use your pension, can seem daunting. Whether you plan to retire fully, reduce your hours gradually or to carry on working for longer, you can now tailor when and how you use your pension – and when you stop saving into it – to fit with your retirement plans. […]